Timbers traceability is an essential part of the legality and must be maintained throughout the chain.

To ensure the traceability of its products, Inprobois has acquired:

• A powerful GIS software
• A Forest management and traceability software

Full traceability of products is possible using:
• A survey of GPS coordinates of felled trees
• A Geographic Information System that allows precise positioning of the felled trees
• A computerized system that integrates all the steps of logging and wood processing at the plant:
> Inventory of trees to be felled, Felling, Skidding, Logs transport,
> Reception at the plant, Ridging, ridge Processing, Billing of the finished product.
• An effective process of numbering and recording at every step
• Staff trained in the use of equipment and procedures in place

It is thus possible to precisely position on a map the trees that were used to manufacture the finished product.