The OLB certification

In order to give customers an internationally recognized certificate with regard to the legality of its activities and its level of traceability of timber, INPROBOIS’ management decided to engage in a process of OLB certification.
O.L.B. is a certification system developed by “Bureau Veritas Certification” which guarantees the legality and the geographic origin of wood products. The OLB certificate ensures customers:

The OLB stamping on wood products helps to identify the OLB certification.
Following the initial audit by “Bureau Veritas Certification”, INPROBOIS received the OLB certificate for processing wood into peeled veneer on 30/09/2014 and the OLB certificate related to logging on 14 forest areas on 08/10/2014.
Annual surveillance audits will subsequently determine INPROBOIS’ compliance level with respect to the OLB terms.

OLB Certificates

OLB certificates of legality and traceability

INPROBOIS Certificate N°OLB-CERT/COC-140902

INPROBOIS Certificate N°OLB-CERT/FC-141001